In 1981, our company was founded by Mr Félix Zenner and Mrs Irène Hirt. This private company became a private limited liability company (Sàrl) in 1988. In 2009 it was converted into a joint-stock company (SA) with Mr Zenner as Managing Director. In 2014 Mrs Hirt, after Mr Zenner’s retirement , Mrs Hirt took over the management of the company.
The company is located in the town of Mersch, in Luxembourg.
Mersch is a town of about 6,000 inhabitants, but it is rapidly growing due to the fact that both the location (about 15 km north of the city of Luxembourg) and the infrastructure are very good. Mersch has good transport links and is easy to reach by road. There is also a train station in the town. The recent development of large industrial estates has caused a lot of companies to be established in Mersch.
The company Félix Zenner SA started out making repair parts, notably for agricultural enterprises. After a short time, high quality precision parts were in demand from the industries based in Luxembourg. This caused a shift in the product and service spectrum. Due to these revised requirements, the company rapidly expanded and now employs about 30 people in Mersch. In addition to these permanent employees, the company is assisted by freelancers, who provide support for more specialized projects.
In addition, there is close cooperation with various other companies, to permit a wider array of products. The result is a very extensive and complex range in the field of metal processing, which makes the company a very interesting supplier for large customers. For years, the company has served customers from all over Europe. Due to the increase in orders and the development of the machine park and infrastructure, the company can look forward to a bright future.