Enterprise Philosophy
The company Félix Zenner SA mainly produces high-precision machine parts. The production of these components requires an extensive know-how, a high degree of skill in the operation of sophisticated machines and advanced measurement techniques. The goal is to constantly improve the possiblites and to continue to operate at the cutting edge of manufacturing technology.
Today, especially in the field of metal processing, there is strong competition, which is mainly caused by the different wage and production cost levels in different countries. To withstand this competition and to secure permanent jobs, the development and constant improvement of processes and the optimization of the technical equipment is essential.
The well-being of employees, as well as their integration into the company, are central aspects of the business philosophy. This is evident in the good working atmosphere and the low turnover of staff.
Beside these aspects, the company has set itself high goals to protect the environment. The products and components, produced by the company Zenner, contribute significantly to the development energy efficient final products (eg motors and technical systems), by optimizing these products and reducing the negative effects on the environment. The company also has designed the business processes so that environmental pollution is reduced to a minimum.
This philosophy is complemented by comprehensive customer support, which is characterized primarily by rapid reactions, a high degree of flexibility and quality at a high level.